Bees and Ivy

The honey season ended in early September, not that I got any honey this year as my colony of bees is still too new and small to be able to produce any excess of honey for me to remove. Hopefully, I’ll have honey next year though. The bees have been fed and treated for the… Read More Bees and Ivy



Lavender is a Mediterranean herb, like rosemary, thyme and oregano. It’s easy to grow, given the right conditions. First, it must be in full sun. This is understandable given that it’s from the Mediterranean. Also, it must have very free draining soil.┬áIf you plant it in heavy, fertile soil, there’s a good chance that it’ll… Read More Lavender

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Picking Apples

This is the time of the year for apples, and it’s been a good year for them down my way. If you’re lucky enough to have some apples trees, then often the question is, what to do with them all? It’s a pity to see perfectly good apples going to waste. Waste not, want not,… Read More Picking Apples

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Transplanting Biennials

The biennial seeds were planted in early June and have been growing away in a couple of my vegetable beds since then. They grow rapidly over the summer and at this time of year (pretty much anytime from mid-September to mid-October) need to be transplanted to their final position. Transplanting at this time of year… Read More Transplanting Biennials

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Making Raised Beds

This is the time of year to get started on making your raised beds. Or at least, thinking about making raised beds. Next April will be too early to start thinking about it. You may have seen Monty Don’s raised beds on Gardeners’ World, which are made from wattle. Very fancy. But you can make… Read More Making Raised Beds